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Xbox can put PlayStation behind it, but not for another generation, at least.

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We are yet again heading into another familiar situation this fall, another Xbox console going head to head to against another Sony console, this time the Xbox Series X versus the PlayStation 5. And yet Microsoft is trying to extract itself from the console wars entirely. Even though it’s fielding another box, Phil Spencer has made the comment that Microsoft’s chief rivals in the gaming space are now Amazon and Google, not Sony and Nintendo.

The news is jarring for fans who have long seen Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo going head to head, but Spencer’s comments reflect a larger picture, one where gaming becomes reliant on the cloud, and whoever has the best infrastructure and distribution there will win the future of gaming, expanding beyond the sales of a hundred million consoles a generation, and potentially opening up AAA gaming to an audience of billions through streaming. My colleague Kevin Murnane wrote a great piece about this, talking about how important…

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